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If you're a good shade tree mechanic you can usually get your engine started using a "base map" from whoever sells you the engine management system (like us).  This will let you confirm all your wiring is correct and you can even take your car up the street to make sure everything else is working properly.  The next step is tuning, you don't want to make a trip to the dunes before having the engine tuned, otherwise damage could occur. 

Engine management tuning is almost an art.  If you're really patient and computer literature with a lot of time on your hands you could try tuning your own computer.  But we don't advise this unless you're experienced. Self tuning has limitations without the aid of a dyno to put a load on the engine. It's best to have someone who is familiar with your EMS do your tuning with a dyno to simulate actual driving. 

We are trained and experienced with Motec, EMS and Link engine management systems. We have a Clayton in-ground dyno that's great for getting every horse out of your engine.  Using the dyno together with our CO and O2 test equipment we can tune for maximum power and efficiency. This gives you the best of both worlds, speed and economy.

Tuning is key to a fun and reliable time in the dunes.  Come by and lets talk about your needs.  If you need your motor tuned, please call us a week in advance and make an appointment.




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