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Who needs 110 Octane?

Have you heard the news?  110 Octane is outlawed! 

Our wonderful California Air Resources Board (CARB) has outlawed the sale of 110 fuel for all applications except boats and race vehicles that are in sanctioned races.  Legally that means duners are out of luck if you follow the letter of the law.   And you know where this is going, it's not going to get any easier to buy 110 fuel, nor will it get any cheaper.

C&G Has the Solution!

Run E85 fuel, it's available from the pump at about 15% less than 91 octane!

Over the last year C&G has perfected using E85 fuel in sandrail applications. With test results in, C&G is is one of the leaders using E85 in the sandcar market, originally announced at the 2010 SSSS in Costa Mesa, CA.  So if you're running 110 octane and you want to save some fuel costs, this is for you.   It's all good news too, here's what you get with a 110 to E85 conversion:

1.  More horsepower!  Yes, you can get 10 to 20% more HP from the same motor.... SWEET!  If you're running 18lbs of boost you can turn it down to 14lbs and get about the same HP.  Or, just enjoy more ponies, but be careful with all that extra power.

2.  Cooler running motor.  The 85% ethanol content keeps your motor running cooler.  How cool is that?

3.  A cleaner running motor, less emissions, and it's legal.  You'll easily be able to buy fuel for years to come.

4. Cheaper fuel, less than half the price per gallon versus 110 octane, and it's now available at the pump, everywhere!  No more handling barrels of 110 octane fuel around the house (illegal in some cities, and home insurance policies). Although you'll see about a 15% increase in fuel usage, it's still less expensive than 110 octane fuel. Your 4cyl 400-500HP Subaru motor will have have similar MPG as a typical small block V8, but it will cost less!

5.  E85 fuel is a domestic product.  You'll contribute to the US economy.  MPG is about 15% less with E85 versus 110 octane.




How does it work?

It's not new technology

Burning ethanol is nothing new, Indy Car racers have been using it for years. What's new is the availability of E85 fuel at the pump, at a good price! This is a game changer for duners that build and tune their motors for E85. 

When building a new car it costs no more to build a wahzoo 400-500HP Subaru motor to run on E85 compared to running on 110.  It only takes different injectors and E85 dyno-tuning. 

Conversions from 110 octane motors to E85 is pretty straight forward.  You simply install bigger injectors and tune the motor accordingly to deliver more E85 fuel to the motor. 

Storing your car with fuel in the tank is similar to 110 octane applications.  When using an E85 car you should remove the fuel as best possible, then put about a gallon of pump grade 91 fuel in the tank, start the motor until it runs rich, then you can store it.

Although our extended testing of E85 ethanol has shown no corrosive evidence like alcohol can, we still recommend you replace the fuel in the car with pump grade 91 octane for long term storage (longer than 3mos). This is the same recommendation we give all duners that use 110 octane.  It's just wise to do this.

What does the conversion cost?

Turn-key conversions from 110 to E85 typical cost $695 for the average high performance 4 cylinder turbo charged, intercooled Subaru race motor, similar to the picture on the left.

This price assumes your motor already has racing rods, race pistons, high performance injectors with after market fuel rails.  The conversion process includes:

1.  Upgrading existing injectors with hi-flow injectors.

2.  Dyno-Tuning the engine management system specific to E85 fuel with the new injectors.

Note: Conversions can only be done to Motec, EMS, or Link engine management systems. 

The conversion can be done in as little as 1 day with an appointment for Subaru 4cyl motors.  Call for other motor conversions and pricing.  We're Honda specialists, we have the secret sauce for those too!




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