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Motec is one of the most versatile engine management systems (EMS) on the market, making it the default standard in the sandrail business.  They offer a variety of accessory options too, such as electronic LCD dashboards, igniters, and tuning software.  Motec EMS's offer sequential plug firing, sequential injector control, ignition timing, radiator fan control, tach support, fuel pump control, and the capability to fine tune small increments of RPM based on your motors needs.  If you haven't experienced an off-road car with Motec, you'll be pleasantly surprised. They start easy and run clean with no flat spots.  They virtually purr like a kitten and run like a tiger. 

At C&G performance we can help with all aspects of engine management.  We sell, install, tune, and support Motec EMS's for a variety of engines.  If you need someone to take the magic out of engine management, we can help.  Buy all the gear from C&G and get a special discount on the tuning performed with our shop dyno.

Computer harnesses are one of the toughest parts of installing an engine management system.  With 30+ wires to deal with that go to sensors, relays, coils, igniters, and injectors, you can imagine the time sump this can be.  At C&G we do this all the time, so we know all the tricks and shortcuts.  Plus our harnesses look factory made to provide your sandcar with a clean race-ready appearance.





Link engine management systems are also very popular because they are less expensive.  Available in the "Standard Link" model and the "Link Plus" model you have a choice for what your budget can afford.  The standard "Link" offers batch firing.  This works with 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines.

The "Link Plus" is a sequential firing system with more capabilities like the Motec system.  The Link Plus can handle turbo systems higher boost levels of the standard Link model, plus it can electronically regulate boost levels. 





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