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Honda Race Blocks

When pumping over 10lbs of boost with a turbocharger into a block that wasn't designed for a turbo charger you'll need some extra strength to help the motor last.  Bracing the tops of the cylinder barrels is a must to remove the potential of resonating barrels that can wear away the head gaskets. So much power being produced with 110 octane in the cylinders can rattle the barrels, vibrating with a resonance that eventually causes head gasket leaks, resulting in coolant leaking into the barrel.  It doesn't take long for the motor to eat up all the coolant then overheat the motor.  Catastrophe can be minutes away if you're not watching the gauges.

There have been many methods of bracing the tops of an open deck block, some of them very crude.  At C&G we sell a custom closed deck Honda block that looks and performs like a factory turbo block.  Of course Honda doesn't sell blocks like this to the public, but you can buy them from C&G.  Compare this block in the picture to a stock block and it becomes easy to understand the advantages of using a closed deck for turbo motors.  Just like our Subaru block, we fill the water jacket void with a billet aluminum insert using a proprietary process.  This method is so effective you can barely tell by looking at it that it wasn't made that way from Honda. 

With a 3.2L Honda block like this one you can produce well over 500HP simply by pumping 25lbs of boost down the intake manifold.  With the addition of our custom race rods and pistons you can have a reliable motor that most can't touch. Oh yeah, don't forget to fasten your seat belt !!




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