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High Performance Honda Motors

Honda makes one of the best motors in the industry.  All aluminum with variable timing their V6 motors puts out some very nice power.  At about 100lbs more than a Subaru you can get some advantages that are attractive to many people.  First of all in stock form with no turbo you get about 240HP with a good set of headers and low restriction mufflers. This is enough to push a 4 seat sandrail around really good while having the economy of running pump fuel.  All you have to do is adapt an engine management system like Link or Motec, and that's about all you need to do, other than a good set of headers and an air filter system.

The picture to the right shows a Honda getting ready to have the EMS wiring harness connected before installation into the car.  These engines are compact, reliable, and light with choices of 3.2 or 3.5 liter displacements.  You can provide the motor, or we can provide the motor, but we can hop it up the way you need it so you can go play in the dunes.

We think the Honda is a great motor to build upon over time.  You can run a stock motor with equal length headers and have a great time in the dunes.  Then, as your "need for speed" builds you have the infrastructure to build a screamer. The first step could be to add a turbo (as shown) onto your existing headers.  If you plan ahead for this upgrade you can save about $750, instead of buying another set of headers to accept the turbo.   This simple turbo addition will bump you up over 400HP using race gas.  The best part is you don't need to upgrade internals to achieve 400HP. Just keep the boost at a moderate level and the stock internals are reliable.  But if you want even more power you can really have some fun with internal upgrades like rods, pistons, etc.  Then simply turn up the turbo boost (using the same turbo) and re-tune the EMS, then hold on for your life.

At C"&G we can help you with any level of turn-key Honda motor to suit your power desire.  We have all the accessories and know-how to provide a reliable motor that's finely tuned for maximum power and efficiency. Call us about our Honda packages.






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