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Engine Management Systems

Link engine management systems are known to be the best buy on the market.  Some of the fastest cars in the sand use Link systems, yet they are quicker to install than most. 

Link comes in two versions, depending on what you're looking for.  The Link Plus system is a sequential firing system that fire each spark plug independently.  It can be adapted to 4, 6, and 8 cylinder motors.  It supports a huge selection of functions, including fuel pump, radiator fan, ignition timing,  injector control, idle speed control, electronic boost control, shift-light, and water spray among other things.

The Standard Link system is the most economical, using a batch firing method that's simple and effective.  Batch firing reduces wiring complexity since it fires two plugs at the same time, using a common wire for each pair of plugs. Injectors are also fired together based on the mixture mapping programmed into the computer.

Wiring harnesses can be a nightmare.  With each engine management system from Link you get a Link "starter harness" that plugs into the computer box.  But the other end of the wires are bare with no plugs.  Each of the wire ends must have the proper connector installed, using mating connectors for the engine sensor and connections specific to your motor.  This harness also integrates into your car's harness for power, tach, turbo boost pressure, fuel pump, and radiator fans.  So you can imagine all the wires and complexity to fabricate a harness specific to your car.  C&G can help to minimize the complexities to implement an engine harness.  We do this all the time and know all the secrets to fabricate nice OEM looking harnesses for  Subaru or Honda motors.  We can sell you the computer, custom harness, and tune your car on our dyno when it's ready.




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