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Motec engine management systems (EMS) are very popular in today's high performance sandrail motors.  In the sand they have pretty much been the standard for several years.  The flexibility in programming and rich feature set to control devices is second to none.  In addition, Motec EMS units are one of the few that are waterproof, no need to enclose the EMS box in a water-tight enclosure.

At C&G we can help you several ways to implement an EMS in your sandrail.

1.  We sell and support Motec EMS.
2.  We offer custom wiring harnesses for Subaru and Honda motors.
3.  We can tune your car with our in-house dyno.
4.  We can debug and fix problems you may be having.

Wiring an EMS is a tedious job.  It takes patience and perseverance to finish the job.  If you want to tackle this job you're better than most.  It's not rocket science, but it takes some understanding of automotive wiring and terminology to complete.  The last thing you want to do is tackle this job if you're not comfortable with the task.

C&G can take the mystery out of the EMS task.  We are factory trained at tuning and diagnosis of problems.  We can provide limited assistance to help you do the wiring yourself, or we can do the whole wiring job for you.  And if you want to buy a complete turn-key motor, we always include the EMS as part of the package. 


Here's what a typical Motec engine harness looks like from C&G.  When installed it looks very OEM looking, clean and organized. There is nothing cheap looking about these harnesses. We use lots of durable heat shrink tubing and we use OEM style connectors for the sensors and sending units.

Motec supports sequential injection and spark control, which means each injector is fired independently, the best way to maximize your power.  In addition, these EMS units control spark timing, fuel mixture, radiator fans, and fuel pump.  Our harnesses include signals to your dash for the tach, oil, and temp gauges, depending on your needs.





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