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High Performance Subaru Heads

At C&G we do all our own headwork, including valve jobs and porting.  If you want something special, lets talk.  We also make a very special exhaust system for these heads with a custom setup for the turbo of your choice.  They come standard jet coated for that great custom look.

This picture shows what makes the Subaru such a great motor, high technology heads.  Four valves per cylinder can deliver considerably more flow compared to a VW head with older 2 valve technology.  Add to this the benefit of water cooling, fuel injection, plus overhead cams and you have potential to pump out an incredible 2 to 3HP per cubic inch.  With the light weight and low center of gravity It's easy to realize why it's a perfect engine for a sandcar.

Weight is everything when you're in the dunes.  Handling is highly influenced by the amount of weight and how it's distributed among the 4 wheels.  Subaru's flat cylinder layout is more effective at keep the center of gravity low versus inline 6, V6, or V8 configurations for several reasons:

bulletThe flat cylinder (versus V6 or V8) and head layout provides a low center of gravity, which helps keep the car flat during slides.
bulletThe short motor length (from bellhousing to belt pully) reduces the inertial weight leverage against the front of the car in rear engine setups, which helps handling.
bulletLess overall weight behind the rear wheels allows more weight distribution to the front of the car that helps cure a common handling problem in the sand called "push".
bulletLess weight behind the wheels allows the car design to incorporate a shorter wheelbase while keeping a good weight bias to the front wheels, which helps the car turn better.

Because of these power and weight benefits, Subaru's boxer engine has become the latest rage in the dunes.

Here you can see the massive ports that lead into each of the Subaru cylinders.  Each piston is fed with a high flow manifold port through 2 intake valves per cylinder.  Put this together with a good turbo charger to force feed those cylinders and you have loads of power in a light car.

Not long ago you had to have a V8 to get 450HP, but unfortunately you paid the price in weight.  V8's are twice as long, twice as high and almost twice the weight as our 2.5L 460HP Subaru's.  Now you can now carry 4 or 5 people around the dunes with plenty of power in a light car under 1800lbs.    Rocket ship power in a light and nimble 5 seat sandrail that handles, thanks to Subaru.







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