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Subaru Intake Manifolds and Throttle Bodies

Subaru's stock intake manifolds on EJ25 motors are an incredible piece of engineering artwork.  Massive intake manifold paths go from the throttle body to each of the huge intake ports of the head.  Cast in aluminum with incredible strength, you don't have to do much to get performance out of this important part of the motor.  But if you're building a car with looks in mind you may want to consider dolling up your motor with our modifications and polishing.  We basically cut off all the unnecessary adaptors and fittings, weld up all unused holes for things you don't need on a sandrail, grind off casting seams, then polish the manifold into a showpiece.  Here you can see the before and after pictures of our typical manifold job.  You can either powder coat the manifold the color of your car, or let us polish it shiny to look like chrome. Either way this manifold make-over will be a hit.  It will show off the pride you put into your car.

In a fuel injected motor the throttle is controlled by a butterfly mechanism, this is called a throttle body.  This device bolts onto the intake manifold  to control the amount of air allowed into the motor.  This important device has lots of things you don't need for a sandrail, so it can be simplified.  This picture shows the before and after pictures of our modifications for sandcar applications.  We basically remove the warming tube, idle servo and take most of the linkage bails off.  All these things aren't used because sandcars don't have to run in -25F weather, or pass smog test, or compensate idle speed when the air conditioner is turned on.  So we suggest the removal of all this excess baggage to simplify your engine and improve the looks.





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