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Intercoolers and Scoops

Our exclusive intercooler setup is a nice addition to any Subaru Turbo motor.  This setup not only makes your car appear fast, it actually helps make your car go fast!

Increasing the amount of air molecules per cubic centimeter during each stroke of the piston will increase power.  That's what Intercoolers do.  They work on the fact that cooling the incoming air shrinks the air molecules, which increases the molecules per cubic centimeter.

Here's why intercooling is so important on engines with turbo chargers:

When your engine warms up the turbo charger gets very hot, you know is if you've ever touched one when running.  Ouch!   Some of this heat is transferred to the incoming air by conduction through the turbine shaft and the turbine housing.  This transfer of heat is unavoidable since the hot exhaust gases spin the turbine, which gets red hot. This turbine is connected to a shaft that is connect to an air compressor turbine.  Hence the shaft conducts heat to the air compressor, which heats the incoming air.   In addition to the heat transfer problem,  compressing the air with the turbine also heats up the air molecules.  This means you have two sources of heat that are working against you.  Any cooling that can take place between the turbo and the intake manifold will increase the amount of air molecules per cubic centimeter delivered to the cylinders.  The more air molecules you can cram into the cylinders, the more power you can make with proper EMS tuning.  This is where the intercooler does it's magic.  When the highly compressed intake air leaves the turbo and goes through our intercooler the radiator cools the air molecules, increasing amount per cubic centimeter.  Hence this allows more air molecules to enter the cylinder, which in turn produces more power.  Cool, eh? (pun intended).

A good intercooler system helps reliability.  Since a cooler intake charge is coming in through the manifold this helps minimize abusive heat buildup in the valves.  As a result this reduces risk for bent or burnt valves over time. Running cooler also allows the spark timing curve to be enhanced, which is an effective way to produce more horsepower.

And finally, the best reason to include a C&G intercooler setup in your sandrail project.........the looks.  C&G's tall scoop sticks up to grab clean cool air for the intercooler radiator.  The scoop is styled after F1 triangle shaped intake, which looks really nice while being very functional.  The "cool factor" here is worth it's weight in gold. 

A massive intercooler and a super cool looking scoop.  Yeah baby!




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