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C & G is one of the few sources to buy a CARB approved Subaru motor for your sandrail.  This approval through the California Air Resources Board is required for any turn-key sandrail.  This started to take affect in 2007 and continues to be an important regulatory certification needed for new sandcars. C&G has gone through all the testing and approval processes to be one if only engine builders in California with the credentials to offer CARB approved turn-key motors to sandrail builders.

Motor selection is very key when you're building a sandcar.  Just ask around at comp hill and you can hear many stories about not having enough power, or squeezing too much power out of a motor that can't handle the stress (IE VW) over time.  At C&G we have been duning for years, we know what it takes to have fun in the dunes.  We can help you avoid the mistake of skimping on horsepower for a reasonable cost.  Our Subaru packages also include a nice growth path to build upon for even more reliable power as your needs grow.

We always get the question, "how much HP do I need for my 4 seater rail"   We recommend 300HP minimum to have fun duning with 4 people.  This may sound like a lot of horsepower for a car that weights under 2000lbs, but it's really not in the sand.  With 4 adults your talking about 2200 to 2400lbs of weight depending on you car and passenger weight.  Yes, it will be very fun when driving by yourself, or maybe 1 passenger, but you'll really appreciate all 300HP when you have the car loaded up with 4 or 5 people.  Without enough power you won't have much fun.

Subaru motors have the mechanical infrastructure to deliver one of the best power to weight ratios you can find, capable of delivering over 400HP.  The best part is this much power from such a light 300lb motor is still reliable.  In addition to the low weight, the motor has a low center of gravity due to the boxer configuration of the cylinders.  These two issues are paramount to a nimble handling sandrail, low weight and a low center of gravity.

Our 300HP engine is a stock 2.5L motor with a T3 turbo and Link EMS added, tuned to perfection for about $8K.  This setup will push a 4 or 5 seat sandrail around very nicely.  There are no race parts internal on this motor, it's a stock engine inside that normally produces 165HP on pump gas.  When we add the T3 turbo and set the boost to about 10lbs, along with a few other trade secrets, you get about 300HP.  Race fuel is recommended for this setup to curb detonation, but some people mix 50% 110 octane and 50% 91 octane fuels, which usually works fine.

The next step up is our 350HP engine setup that adds race rods, custom fuel rails, high performance fuel injectors, improved fuel regulator, and our exclusive C&G block off plates. The race rods allow the boost to be adjusted up a little to get another 50HP.  110 octane race fuel is recommended.  This setup starts at $10K.

Our 400HP setup includes internal upgrades to withstand the stress of even higher turbo boost levels, about 15lbs.  This includes a fast spool T3 turbo, intercooler and scoop, race rods, JE race pistons, closed deck block, ported heads, head studs, and a highly tuned Link EMS.  There are other little things we add to this configuration we can tell you more about when you call, but generally this setup provides an exciting 400HP and starts about $14K, depending on your cosmetic adders..  These engines require 110 octane race fuel.

Our 460HP engine is a wild but reliable ride.  We squeeze even more horsepower out of this incredible motor with a power curve that comes on quicker using a ball bearing turbo, a Motec EMS unit, and more exotic spark timing. This isn't your average motor, it looks awesome with lots of chrome and polish, and it will scare the bageebees out of most passengers.  This setup starts at $16K depending on how much carbon fiber and powder coating you want for the "cool factor".   This is our top of the line Subaru package, but if you want even more power for a wahzoo ride, ask us about custom options that go beyond our standard packages. More money simply buys more power.








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