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High Performance Turbo Chargers

Here's our typical turbo system setup with an internal waste gate.  We offer turbos in a standard version and a ball bearing version.  Ball bearing turbos are known to spool up quicker from the reduced turbine friction using ball bearings.  Quicker spools provide for less lag time before boost starts. The standard version uses a standard bearings which delivers a little longer spool time to max boost.

When you buy a turbo from C&G, you also get our advice on putting everything together.  Even though this isn't rocket science, there are little tips we will share to minimize your project mistakes and learning curve.  Little things like oil line filters, oil return hoses and fitting, oil pan fittings, along with air filter tips, hoses, and boost setting recommendations.   


In these pictures you see the intake side of the turbo powder coated.  This is a special order, generally an option that's included when we sell a turn key motor.  When buying a turbo off the shelf from C&G it normally comes ready to powder coat, or you can leave it as is with the aluminum color.  The exhaust side of the turbo comes Jet Coated for that custom look, as shown in this picture.  Jet Coating can tolerate the high heat of the 1500F+ temps of the exhaust.  The center section (black) is where the turbine bearing is located.  This is where lots of oil flows to keep things lubed and cool to minimize heat transfer.  This area acts as an insulator from the exhaust heat to keep the intake air compressor side as cool as possible. Keeping the intake air cool increases power since more air molecules enter the cylinders at a given pressure.  To compliment our turbo setups we also offer a very nice intercooler and scoop to keep that intake air as cool as possible.




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